Declined Transaction Response Codes

Response Codes

Each response includes a response code with a value between 0 and 2. 0 indicates a successful transaction. 1 indicates a communication error while 2 indicates a syntax error. Whenever a response code is greater than 0, the message field will be populated.  Below are syntax error response messages that originate in the BackOffice API. 

PT101 - Terminal ID provided is not recognized.
PT104 - Refund amount specified exceeds refundable amount.
PT107 - Brand policy not met. ID required.
PT110 - Invalid state provided.
PT113 - Invalid currency specified.
PT116 - Invalid expriation date provided.
PT119 - The referenced profile does not match the this tender type.
PT122 - Incomplete address, please included all fields.
PT125 - Invalid ID Type provided.
PT128 - Invalid DOB provided.
PT131 - ACH not accepted by host.
PT134 - The referenced transaction was not performed in test mode.
PT137 - ACH cannot be voided. Please contact host.
PT140 - Invalid account number provided.
PT143 - Invalid dollar amount specified.
PT146 - Invalid schedule date range specified.
PT149 - Check policy not met. Max amount exceeded.
PT152 - Connection has not been established.
PT155 - Permission violation. Web service not allowed.
PT158 - The check data provided is not valid for testing.
PT161 - Request must include a valid authentication token.
PT164 - ACH service has not been setup for this merchant.
PT167 - The referenced profile could not be found.
PT170 - Permission violation. Voids not allowed from this terminal.
PT173 - Invalid country provided.
PT176 - Brand policy not met. Brand not accepted.
PT179 - Brand policy not met. Max amount exceeded.
PT182 - Operation not allowed from this IP Address.
PT185 - The referenced transaction was performed in test mode.
PT188 - Brand policy not met. Postal required.
PT191 - The referenced transaction could not be found.
PT194 - Check policy not met. ID required.
PT197 - Permission violation. Voids not allowed from this terminal.
PT200 - Invalid routing number provided.
PT203 - Invalid expiration date provided.
PT206 - Permission violation. Recurring payments not allowed.
PT209 - Invalid schedule frequency.
PT212 - The card number provided is not valid for testing.
PT215 - Address required.
PT218 - Invalid security code provided.
PT221 - Invalid key provided.
PT224 - Invalid check number provided.
PT227 - Unable to establish connection with service.
PT230 - Invalid card number provided.
PT233 - International ACH not permitted.
PT236 - Invalid track data provided.
PT239 - The amount specified is greater than the amount available on this authorization.
PT242 - Permission violation. Check processing not allowed.
PT245 - Partial card modication not allowed.
PT248 - Invalid date provided.