Integrating Salesforce and Paperless

An easy guide to integrating Paperless and Salesforce.

How the Integration Works

Paperless Transactions’ BackOffice (with any live Terminal ID) will store an integration custom configuration for any Salesforce integrated client.

The Overview

The integration works off of a Series of custom object mappings between BackOffice and Salesforce.

Examples of How Custom Mapping Works

– BackOffice.Address.City = Salesforce.Contact.MailingAddress.City

– BackOffice.Amount = Salesforce.Donation.Amount

– BackOffice.CustomFields.CustomField_3 = Salesforce.Donation.CustomFieldID

How Does a Transaction Push Data into Salesforce?

When a transaction is processed successfully, BackOffice will check if Salesforce integration is active on the processing terminal. When active, details of the transaction will be pushed to the Salesforce API in real-time, based on the client’s integration configuration.

How Does the Integration Handle Matching or Duplicates?

When storing the transaction in Salesforce, a lookup will be done on Salesforce.Contact.Email to find an existing Contact. If one is found, the Account ID will be used to create a new Donation tied to the account. If no Contacts are found with that email address, a new account will be created with a new Contact tied to the Account. A new Donation will be created tied to the existing or newly created Account.

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