Setting Up Your Giving Thermometer Widget

A basic summary of how to set up your Giving Thermometer Widget to show real-time donation in a 30-day period.

The Giving Thermometer Widget is a great addition to your next giving campaign. Donations and gifts are tracked in real-time with an increasing vertical bar that expands until it reaches your target funded amount.

Duration of thermometer widget can only be set within a 30-day time period. Date range within the widget can be adjusted to reflect ongoing longer campaigns at a 30-day window.


Thermometer Element Overview

  • Funded: An amount displayed in percentage that will reflect current donations received. Percentage ranges from 0% - 100%. Funded percentage will also be reflected by the alternately shaded (color chosen by user) vertical bar that will fill up the thermometer widget.
  • Raised: USD Dollar amount displaying current donations received.
  • Days To Go: Numerical display of remaining days of the established giving campaign. Days To Go must be within a 30-day time period to display correctly on the thermometer widget.
  • Gifts: Number of gifts (i.e: donations) received for that particular giving campaign.