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Desktop Sidebar Layout

You can change your desktop site layout to a sidebar layout. Sidebar layout displays the header on the side of the site (either left or right) and is a great design tool to give a unique look to your site.

The sidebar header also acts as a sticky header so it will always be displayed on the screen and you can also add widgets into the sidebar like any other row.


  • When you switch from a traditional site layout to a sidebar layout, the header keeps the logo, and all the widgets you had will be removed (similar to switching the header layout on the top header layout). The background color will be changed according to the layout you selected.
  • The shrinking header is not available for the sidebar navigation. The sidebar is always displayed on the site regardless of the site scrolling.
  • On screens smaller than 1090 pixels width, the content of the sidebar except the first image will be hidden and an expand menu icon will display. You can customize the color of the trigger button that appears in the design editor.

To change your site layout to a sidebar layout:

  • In the left panel, click Design, and then click Site Layout.
  • Select the sidebar layout, You can add rows, drag and drop widgets into the sidebar header and customize it.

To edit the design of the sidebar header, hover over the sidebar, and click Sidebar at the top right corner. You can choose one of the multiple sidebar header layouts to apply to your site, display it on the left or the right side of the screen, define its width, and more.